Burial At Sea

April-September (time permitting)

Family members and/or friends will board the boat with you at our dock at:

Docked at Spike's Fishery
415 Broadway
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

Burial At SeaWe will sail out to a pre-established longitude and latitude about 3 nautical miles from the Jersey Shore.

You may bring a CD or two if you wish to have your choice of music played. You also have the option of no music as well.

Once we arrive at the destination, you may conduct your memorial service. Flowers and wreaths consisting of readily decomposable material may be scattered also.

A Commemorative Certificate which includes the date and location of the final resting place will be mailed to the family, upon request.

The cost of a Burial at Sea is $500 for up to 30 people, and $750 for over 30 people.

To schedule a Burial at Sea, please call (732)899-3766 for availability.

Scatter Ashes at Sea

Scattering ashes at sea is a nice way to create a memorial for your loved one. Please call Party Boat NJ to help us help you to recover from your loss. Scatter your ashes at sea and help us create one of the nicest, last memorials of your loved one. Call our Party Boat NJ now at (732)899-3766 to scatter ashes at sea.